Vehicle Ignition Interlock System

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Almost all states have some type of provision for the use of an ignition interlock system after a DWI conviction. In some instances the use of an ignition interlock system can be required as a condition of bond. The ignition interlock device will be installed on the vehicle at the driver’s expense and requires a monthly fee of $65.00 or more depending on location.

What is an ignition interlock system?

An ignition interlock system is basically a breathalyzer system attached to the ignition switch of a vehicle. The driver must blow into the breathalyzer and pass the test in order to start the vehicle. Usually the driver must have a BAC of 0.2% or less or in some states 0.4% or less. Tests must also be performed while the car is in motion to insure that someone else with a legal BAC did not blow into the breathalyzer for the driver.

It is important for the driver to keep in mind that some everyday substances contain alcohol and should be avoided when using an ignition interlock device. Some of these products include, mouthwash, cough medicine, some types of gums and candies as well of course, alcoholic beverages. For products with small amounts of alcohol, such as cough medication and mouth wash, the driver should avoid any use of that product for at least 15 minutes before driving, and use the product in limited amounts.

Ignition interlock devices are usually for repeat DWI offenders as a requirement for a provisional license. First time offenders may be required to rent an ignition interlock device if they had an unusually high BAC of 0.20% or more at arrest or if there were injuries or death from the DWI offense.

Most DWI convictions require a restricted licensing period before reinstatement of full driving privileges can occur. An ignition interlock system is usually required during this restrictive period. Ignition interlocks are usually monitored every 30 to 60 days to insure they are functioning properly.

For repeat offenders, ignition interlock systems can keep your driving freedoms. It is a good idea to seek the counsel of a San Antonio DWI defense attorney if you are facing a DWI conviction. Do research, get the facts, and make an informed decision. A driving while intoxicated conviction can drastically alter your current standard of living. Some studies show that a single conviction for DWI can cost the driver over $10,000.00 in expenses both before and after conviction.

There is much that can be done to fight a DWI charge. Find an experienced DWI defense lawyer who is able to aggressively fight for you. It is important to hire a lawyer experienced defending DWI cases. A DWI conviction can lead to license suspension, a criminal record, probation, hefty fines, increased insurance costs, and jail time. If you are facing a driving while intoxicated in or around San Antonio call our office for a free consultation. Call The Law Offices of Carabin & Shaw .