Fines and Forfeitures

Texas DWI Fines and Forfeitures – San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Laredo Lawyers

Cost that you may face after a South Texas DWI conviction

If you or a loved one are facing a driving while intoxicated charge you will likely be forced to pay a fine to the court. These fines can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands depending upon certain conditions and whether this is a first or subsequent offense. Do not assume that you will be found guilty. Contact a San Antonio DWI lawyer to discuss your case. What the prosecutors usually will not tell you is that your San Antonio DWI defense lawyer can challenge your charge at every stage. Any fine you may receive can possibly be reduced or even removed.

On fourth and subsequent DWI offenses, the defendant is usually labeled a repeat offender and subject to more severe penalties. Property forfeiture can be one of these penalties. Your vehicle can be seized if you are found driving while intoxicated . The idea is that police are allowed to seize property that is the instrumentality of a crime i.e. DWI . There can be no DWI without an automobile. This type of seizure can lead to forfeiture of the property to the courts. Automobiles can in some cases be worth up to $50,000, so you can see that this can be a high price to pay.

There are certain circumstances under which the owner of a vehicle can recover it after it has been seized by police. Contact a San Antonio DWI attorney to discuss your rights. Questions your attorney may ask include:

  • Was your car stolen or borrowed without permission?
  • Did you loan it to someone without prior knowledge of DWI convictions or license revocation or suspension?
  • Are you making payments on the automobile?

What should you do?

Do some research and hire an experienced San Antonio DWI attorney. Don’t base your decision solely on an advertisement. Most attorneys’ will offer a free initial consultation to decide whether or not you would like to use them. Meet with the attorney you are considering in person. Bring the details of your case to the meeting. The attorney will review your case and formulate a good defense for your case. You will be able to ask questions and determine whether the law firm is right for you. Call us today for your free initial consultation The Law Offices of Carabin & Shaw .

The consequences of a driving while intoxicated conviction are numerous and serious. Property forfeitures and fines can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Put an experienced San Antonio DWI lawyer on your side. Protect your rights, your freedom, and your future.