Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

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Have you or someone you know been busted on a DWI charge? If a breathalyzer was involved then the charge probably centers around the blood alcohol content or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the arrest.

What is Blood Alcohol Concentration?

Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC is the percentage of alcohol in your blood. In the state of Texas , the legal limit for intoxication is .08 blood alcohol concentration. Many factors affect and ultimately determine an individual’s BAC including:

– Gender,
– Body Weight,
– Number of drinks consumed (or amount by volume if drinking from a large bottle),
– The type of drinks consumed
– and the amount of food in one’s stomach.

Women’s and small adults in general, reach a higher BAC with a lower consumption of alcohol. Drinking after eating a good meal can result in a lower BAC than drinking the same amount of alcohol on an empty stomach.

How does BAC affect your case?

Prosecutors are trained to do one thing: convict you. If your BAC was found to be at or above .08 at the time of arrest then state prosecutors will try to use that against you to fine you, take away your driving privileges, and possible imprison you. Don’t go it alone. Prosecutors will stack as many charges against you as they can to convict you to the highest limit that the law will allow. A DWI defense attorney has an arsenal of tools to try and prevent that from happening.

What can / should you do now?

You need a good San Antonio defense attorney. Choose your drunk driving defense lawyer carefully. Don’t make your decision based on an advertisement (or website) alone. Make an in-person appointment with a competent DWI defense lawyer. That is why we offer a free in office initial consultation. Come in, meet the attorney and tell your side of the story. A good driving while intoxicated attorney will have a better sense of how to deal with the prosecutors and formulate a defense that will give you the best chance to preserve your freedom and protect your rights.

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